Choose a Reputable Company for Fantastic Landscaping

Murillo's Landscaping provides excellent landscaping services in Hagerstown, MD

For a gorgeous landscape, choose Murillo's Landscaping in Hagerstown, MD for landscaping services. We can collaborate with you to design and install a landscape that you'll love for a lifetime. Call 240-382-8444 to inquire about landscaping services today.

How will we design your beautiful landscape?

Work with us and tell us how you want your landscape to look. We'll take all of your ideas into account to plan your landscape.

Design a wonderful landscape with us by:

  • Choosing focal points: Select the parts of your property that you want to attract attention.
  • Beginning with hardscaping: Instead of selecting plants first and adding a patio awkwardly later, begin your design with your patio, walkway or retaining wall.
  • Creating cohesion: Repeat colors, sizes or types of plants and other elements for a harmonic design.

When your design is complete, count on us to provide landscape installation services. After we complete your landscape installation, we'll leave you with a well-designed, beautiful new landscape.