Are Leaves Piling Up?

When leaves blanket your lawn in Hagerstown, MD, reach out for leaf removal

A few leaves can be raked away easily. A pile of them, whether accumulated over autumn or fallen from trees at once, can be more difficult to clean up.

Murillo's Landscaping can help you. We can provide leaf removal in Hagerstown, MD. Call 240-382-8444 and schedule leaf removal today.

Why is leaf removal important?

When we remove leaves, we restore your landscape's tidy appearance, but that isn't the only reason that this yard cleanup service is important. Leaf removal supports your lawn's health.

Fallen leaves can keep airflow and moisture out of your lawn. When we remove your leaves, your grass will have better access to the air and water it needs to grow. We also give new grass the space that it needs to grow upwards. To keep your grass healthy even in autumn, schedule yard cleanup service right away.