Take Advantage of Our Superb Tree Services

Schedule tree removal or tree trimming in Hagerstown, MD

Do you need tree services in Hagerstown, MD? Murillo's Landscaping offers two reliable tree services: tree removal and tree trimming. To ask us about either service, call 240-382-8444 right away.

Ask about our tree removal service

We recommend tree removal on a case-by-case basis. We can visit your property, examine your trees and determine whether any should be removed.

You need tree removal if a tree:

  • Grows close to a power line, causing a safety hazard
  • Is dead, dying or severely damaged, which can cause it to fall
  • Hosts pests or diseases, which can spread to other trees

To learn more about our tree removal recommendations, speak with us today.

The benefits of tree trimming

Tree trimming keeps your trees neat and healthy. When we trim your trees, we'll cut away any overgrown, untidy or unhealthy parts. This will make your trees more attractive and allow them to grow without hindrances.